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Worm Hook - Decoy - Worm 217 ZD Zero Dan

Worm Hook - Decoy - Worm 217 ZD Zero Dan

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Decoy ZD Zero Dan Worm 217

Description Product description

"Decoy ZD Zero Dan Worm 217" is a high response down shot system with sinkers and hooks set directly on the swivel. Due to its structure, it is easy to pierce the cover and has excellent bottom sensing performance. It is worth noting that its fall posture, the structure that the sinker precedes in a straight line allows a tighter attack on structures such as piles, synergizes with the action response of the worm, and the difference in the situation where pressure is applied It will be obvious. For the sinker, the "DS-6 type stick" that emphasizes pickpocketing is used. Small size has been added as an aim for the approach in bait finesse, and the range of fishing at zero dan is further expanded.


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