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Slow Pitch Jigging Rods

There are many different qualities between the different brands of rods available on the market. Some qualities you will only find in super-premium brand rods. However, the prices of these rods follow the quality and the material used. As a first rod for the beginners of Slow Pitch Jigging it will not need such a high investment. We can divide slow pitch jigging rods into three categories, for different needs: 1) Beginner: Because they are more sensitive, they are also more fragile. Slow pitch jigging rods break more easily when not used at the correct angulation or with inappropriate fighting techniques. For this first reason, until the angler adapts to these differences in the use of the rod, I always...

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Highly efficient Speed Jigging Technique

Unlike slow pitch jigging, where the jig is worked with cadenced and slow movements and the target fish are usually bottom fish like groupers, halibut and basses, High Speed ​​Jigging is a very effective fishing technique that works very well with pelagic fish and half-column waters such as amberjacks, yellowtails and tuna of all types and sizes. The impact of the fish on the hooks as the jig is accelerated from the bottom of the ocean is simply addictive and the line shots are cinematic. Thus, we found that under different conditions, one technique can be more efficient than the other and Speed ​​Jigging shows a lot of results when fish are attacking healthy prey lost from their schools. Speed...

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All Jigs “No Baits” with The Fisherman`s Hut and Liquid Assault Marine Services of The Gulf Of Mexico

After 30 years of chartering in the Tampa bay area, I wanted to introduce my new friends from Liquid Assault Charters and Top Contender Charters to a growing  technique in America, vertical jigging, we decided to go on a “NO BAIT TRIP”.

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Interview with The Fisherman`s Hut and Everquest Sports founder Diogo Yamada

In this interview Diogo tells us a little bit about his story, how he was introduced to vertical jigging and also gives some tips for those starting out in this sport: 1) Diogo, after all are you Brazilian or Japanese? A: I am Brazilian son of Japaneses. I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the largest city in the country. I grew up following the traditions of a typical Japanese family. 2) And did you live in Japan? How was that? A: Yes. At the age of 15 I went with my mother to live and work in the Suzuka Region, Mie province. I lived in Japan for about 5 years. I made friends and learned a lot about local...

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