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Treble Hook - Vanfook - CT-88

Treble Hook - Vanfook - CT-88

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 A treble hook for large fish that uses high hardness EX heavy wire.
Curve point design that enables smooth hooking.
The Futokoro form designed independently for each size achieves excellent holdability.
Since the eye is tapered into a thin shape, it is possible to install the split ring more smoothly.
Surface plating is rust-proof and extra hard silver plating resistant to discoloration.

Size 1/0 (4.5g) - 6 PCS
Size 2/0 (5.7g) - 5 PCS
Size 3/0 (7.2g) - 4 PCS
Size 4/0 (9.6g) - 4 PCS
Size 5/0 (12.1g) - 4 PCS
Size 6/0 (14.5g) - 4 PCS

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