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Treble Hook - Decoy - Y-S81 - The Fishermans Hut
Treble Hook - Decoy - Y-S81 - The Fishermans Hut


Treble Hook - Decoy - Y-S81

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Decoy Treble Hook Y-S81

It is a strong treble for salt plugging games that adopts a straight point that hooks up quickly, a slightly heavy wire in the shape of a gap that holds securely. Although it is a slightly heavy setting, the balance is finished in a stunning thing that surely brings it to the hooking with light power. It is a treble hook that has the potential for hooking from a continuous short twitch, hooking from popping to bite, etc.
● Exclusively designed for salt plugging, ideal for aggressive styles!
● Long taper & Limerick vent form to stab quickly and surely even with light force, hold and hold.
● Long throat & low angle barb to ensure penetration and prevent burring.
● Easy to set on the split ring, and adopts a smart eye that suppresses deterioration of ring strength.
● The “Solid System” is adopted, which examines brazing material that emphasizes strength and toughness and brings out the performance of each hook.
● Vertical specifications that support all lures and realize smooth hooking.
● Uses high corrosion resistance tin plating and aqua block treatment to prevent rust

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