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Ever Green International

Topwater - Ever Green International - True Diver 170F

Topwater - Ever Green International - True Diver 170F

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The Ever Green True Diver is a 170mm, 63g stick bait that is designed to have some bite or "dive" as you work it across the surface which is sure to do some major damage on any surface feeding fish 

The biggest feature is its face looks like opening her mouth. If you add a sweep jerk with the rod sideways to the bottom, the upper and lower small buildings grab the water quickly, diving with bubbles and splash. Causes water-related minor-lined S-shaped swim action just below the surface of the water, inviting the large migratory fish lurking in the current to the surface of the water. 

  • Weight: 63g
  • Length: 170mm
  • Floating (diving action on jerk)Ever Green True Diver 170F 63g 170mm Diving Pencil
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