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Super Light Jigging Rod - Xesta - Scramble Super Light Spec

Super Light Jigging Rod - Xesta - Scramble Super Light Spec

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Scramble Super Light Spec

Target infinity. Super light jigging exclusive model

Jigging using an under 100g metal jig is generally called light jigging, but this model is a super light jigging rod that uses around 20-80g with a further reduced jig weight. Blue-backed fish and root fish are common targets for offshore jigging, but this rod was designed for grunt, Thai, horse mackerel, and medium-sized root fish. If you use a light line and a lightweight jig, you can see a completely different world. You will be amazed at the number of fish bites. In addition, thrilling fights on the light line should be addictive. Some anglers may have used Egging rods and light game rods. With the advent of dedicated rods, methods and targets will be further diversified, and the super light jigging scene should show further development than ever before.


Bat with P color KL-H guide (SiC-S) for spinning, bait with P color KW guide (SiC-S), berry with P color KT guide (SiC-S), P color LG top guide (SiC) Adopted. Contributes to increasing sensitivity and avoiding line troubles.


Grip has a carbon-like seal on the DPS reel seat with a clear coating to create a fit and luxury. The EVA is embossed and slits are added to improve hold ability.

Xesta Scramble Super Light Spec B65UL-T Trick Bait Special

It supports a polite approach that can be done because it is a vertical and delicate bait tackle. It is very effective when the tide does not move or when aiming for pinpoint. Since it is tubular, it also has good swinging in the bait, so it is a model with increased versatility so that even this one can compete sufficiently.

standard B65UL-T
full length 6'3 ″ ft ・ 1.95 m
Number of joints Two
End 101 cm
Own weight 108g
Tip diameter 1.6 mm
Original diameter 8.8 mm
Fit jig MAX 80g
Conformity line 0.3-1.5
Carpon content 99%

Xesta Scramble Super Light Spec B65XUL-FS Solid Bait Special

Bait version of finesse style full solid model. You can attack the pinpoint of the advantage of bait while keeping the bending and pasting that you have. And it appeals to the target more naturally with supple rod work, and enables a jigging style of research that puts fish that are flirting with the jig with the suppleness of the rod.

standard B65XUL-FS
full length 6'5 ″ ft ・ 1.95 m
Number of joints Two
End 150 cm
Own weight 110g
Tip diameter 1.0 mm
Original diameter 8.0 mm
Fit jig MAX 60g
Conformity line 0.2-1.2
Carpon content 99%


standard S63UL-FS
full length 6'3 ″ ft ・ 1.90m
Number of joints Two
End 152cm
Own weight 98g
Tip diameter 1.1 mm
Original diameter 8.2 mm
Fit jig MAX 80g
Conformity line 0.3-1.5
Carpon content 99%


A tubular model designed to be the most standard for the super light jigging scene, with a jig of around 30 to 40 g as the main weight. It is designed with emphasis on the characteristics of tubular blanks, such as the ease of swinging and the sensitivity of the reverberation transmitted to the hand, so you can feel even the slightest bite during the fall.


standard S63UL-T
full length 6'3″ft 1.90m
number of passages Two
Closing 99cm
own weight 86g
tip diameter 1.5 mm
Original diameter 8.6mm
Compatible jig MAX 80g
Compatible line 0.3~1.5
Carpon content 99%
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