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Split Ring - Decoy - EX Extra Strong R-11

Split Ring - Decoy - EX Extra Strong R-11

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When confronting a target that requires a power fight, be aware that if you replace the hook with a stronger one and the ring is still standard, it will be a weak point. If possible, I want to increase the strength while maintaining the size! It is a split ring with EX wire specifications that fulfills such angler's selfishness. With its abundant size lineup, it can be used for many fish species and various methods.

● Strong type with thick shaft wire. About 50% stronger than the normal type. (
Compared to our company) ● Inner cut type that makes it easy to set the ring cut surface on the lure eye and hook.
● Plain processing that maintains sufficient strength.

● Uses anti-corrosion (ANTI CORROSION) to prevent rust.

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