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Soft Bait - Fish Arrow - Flash-J 4" SW - The Fishermans Hut
Soft Bait - Fish Arrow - Flash-J 4" SW - The Fishermans Hut

Fish Arrow

Soft Bait - Fish Arrow - Flash-J 4" SW

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Fish Arrow have a rapidly growing following in Australia and are sort out by anglers loooking to use a high quality lure that is the most realistic on the market. Following on from the success of the Flash J Shad and Huddle, a saltwater version with brighter colours has now been released.

The Fish Arrows Flash J series are the ultimate in Soft plastics Jerkbaits. The Flash J Saltwater model (SW series) utilities an Aluminium Foil insert, to replicate the flashes of a minnow and excite any predatory species.

This insert even duplicates the bowing of a Bait fishes Backbone, to give it a more lifelike darting action.

Available in 3 & 4 Inch sizes and in either flick bait or paddle tail styles, which gives you a great choice to imitate the Bait around your location.

Whether it is Bass or Barra in the Estuary or Snapper, Mulloway and Kingfish  in the Bay or Ocean, the options are endless.

You can fish the Flash J in the shallow or the deep, either rigged just on the Hook, weedless or with a Jighead.

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