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Sinker - Decoy - DS-10 Nail
Sinker - Decoy - DS-10 Nail
Sinker - Decoy - DS-10 Nail


Sinker - Decoy - DS-10 Nail

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A nail type sinker that can be used by piercing a worm. Fine adjustments such as stabilizing the swimming balance and changing the fall speed are possible. Ideal for shad tails and swimbaits as well as cat rigs using straight worms! Adopted a square design that reduces slippage during casting.

● A nail type sinker that can be embedded in a worm to increase the weight.
● Uses a quadrangular pyramid form that is easy to pierce and difficult to pull out.
● If you cut along the jagged edges with nippers, you can fine-tune the weight in increments of approximately 0.2 to 0.3 g.
● Uses lead with high specific density and high purity. Easy to cut with nippers, etc., and can be bent by hand. Supports various situations.

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