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Sinker - Decoy - DAN Sinker TX DS-9

Sinker - Decoy - DAN Sinker TX DS-9

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Decoy DS-9 TX-DAN Sliding Sinker

Product description

Decoy DS-9 TX-DAN Sliding Sinker is a sinker exclusively for free Texas rigs, which has good flight distance, fall speed, snagless performance, and has many merits such as easy biting without discomfort. Equipped with guide parts on the eye that do not easily damage the line. This reduces the phenomenon that knots get stuck in the eye and lock without using beads. In addition, a relatively small diameter sinker stopper can be used, and it can also be applied to fixed rigs.

Ideal for bass fishing, rock fish and black sea bream. It is a free rig with little rooting and is effective for a wide range of targets.

-A sinker for Tekidan (Texas down shot) rigs equipped with guide parts that protect the through line.
● A sinker stopper can also be used. For a simple zero-done rig.
● Gun black finish that is familiar to all worm colors and does not give a sense of discomfort.
● Hexagonal form that combines the three points of high sensitivity, castability, and snaglessness.
● Uses sensitive hard materials.

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