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Popper - Ima - Popkey 100

Popper - Ima - Popkey 100

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  • ■Easy operation!! Waking with just winding ■Dogwalk
    action with rod work
    ■Demonstrating the technique of feeding! Diving action

    TOP plug imapopkey that can be caught by just rolling or action.
    small size imapopkey 80 can be used anywhere without changing its performance.
    Continuous dog walks, dives, and wakes can be easily done by anyone, and it is a bite size that
    is great for mochiron,
    thread and day games that you can enjoy exciting games of morning and evening Mazume .


    imapopkey 80

      • [full length]80 mm
    • [weight]9g
    • [type]Top water
    • [action]Dog walk & wake
    • [hook]#6
    • [ring]#3
    • [price]1,900 yen (excluding tax)
    • [birthday]2010/6/21
    • [Recommended area]Tidal flatPortKayakboat
    • [Posted article]
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      Kunihiko Hamamoto COLOR
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  • Water surface that can be played with various actions and the best flight distance!
    ■ Easy operation! ! Waking with just winding!
    ■Dockwalk action with rod work!
    ■ Demonstrate the technique of feeding! Diving action!

    120mm has a large silhouette, but 80mm is a versatile 100mm size that is easy to use with the same flight distance and action as searching for
    wide range, which was born of the voice of the site that wanted a further flight distance
    Of course, the action
    also inherits the wake action of dock walk and dive free winding. Let's experience the powerful water explosion bite scene with
    imapopkey, which is active in various areas


    imapopkey 100

      • [full length]100 mm
    • [weight]12 g
    • [type]Top water
    • [action]Dog walk & wake
    • [hook]#Four
    • [ring]#3
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