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Plier - SPRO - 7" Plier
Plier - SPRO - 7" Plier


Plier - SPRO - 7" Plier

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SPRO 7" Pliers


  • Whether a touring professional, weekend warrior, or somewhere in between, no angler should push away from the dock without the SPRO 7" Pliers. An indispensable tool for every boat or gear bag, the SPRO Pliers offer versatile performance to handle more tasks with less clutter. The nose of the pliers features a sturdy split ring opener to make swapping treble hooks a breeze. Additionally, they offer anglers a wire cutting device as well as a crimper for a more all-in-one design. The incredibly comfortable handles are covered in ergonomic soft molded grips that not only feel great in the hand but also ensure all-weather operation. Expertly constructed to provide exemplary performance without an inflated price tag, the SPRO 7" Pliers are worthy of a spot in every anglers’ arsenal.

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