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Pike Hook - Decoy - AS-04P Pro Pack

Pike Hook - Decoy - AS-04P Pro Pack

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Decoy AS-04P Pro Pack

Product Description

The popular light jigging hook, "Pike Hyper", an enhanced version with a thick pike shaft, has been added to the lineup with a large pro pack that caters to heavy users. Ideal for those who want to make a large amount of assist hook stock at once.

●Compared to AS-03 Pike, the shaft is 2 ranks thicker. Approximately 30% stronger.
●The fine long taper and exquisite point angle allow for smooth and quick hooking.
●CF processing of the square shaft that increases the strength and contact area of ​​the foot that comes into contact with the fish, reduces cuts, and improves the catch rate.
●Shaft strength is further increased by reinforcing and flattening the two curves where force is applied.
●The barb section is set large to prevent breakage.
●Uses highly corrosion-resistant tin plating and aqua block treatment that is resistant to rust.

  • Eco & Pro Pack, a great value for money.

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#1/0 405659 48
#2/0 405666 36
#3/0 405673 30
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