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Parts - Studio Ocean Mark - Studio Ocean Mark Handle Knob AE82/EX

Studio Ocean Mark

Parts - Studio Ocean Mark - Studio Ocean Mark Handle Knob AE82/EX

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Studio Ocean Mark Handle Knob for Shimano and Daiwa Bait Model AE82/EX


The naming of AirEgg (AE) was born from the egg-shaped design with a hollow structure.
● Knob angle that creates a natural grip from the jigging position

Knob grip thickness and length designed for each reel size

Plain surface without unevenness to reduce fatigue

● Secures amazing grip with light force Carbide EVA material
Metal handle stand that does not miss even the slightest bite

Hard EVA and hollow design AIR structure for sensitivity and weight reduction. The EGG/GLOBE/CYLINDER design, which has
knob shapes and sizes for each fishing scene , eliminates unnecessary unevenness and holes on the knob surface to achieve comfortable gripping . By replacing the genuine handle knob, it is possible to upgrade the angler's physical strength, physique, lure action and fight . 

Compatible models: Shimano B type and D type, Daiwa L type



Weight: 32 grams


Color: Silver



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