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Multifilament - Yo-Zuri - SUPERBRAID FIVE COLOR (3300yd)

Multifilament - Yo-Zuri - SUPERBRAID FIVE COLOR (3300yd)

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SuperBraid 5 Color – A new 5 color metered PE braid is now available in 330yd and 3300yd spools. 

Introduced at ICAST 2023 this line is made in our factory in Japan for the worldwide vertical jigging market. 

The line features a 5-color pattern that changes every 10 meters and has a small black mark every one meter. 

It is a four-strand braid from 10-40lb and an eight-strand for 50-80lb. 

SuperBraid 5 Color features Yo-Zuri’s patented heat integration process that bonds the individual strands making it smoother, rounder and more abrasion resistant than other PE braids.  

Test Diameter Diameter
15 lb. 0.190 mm. 0.008 in.
20 lb. 0.230 mm. 0.009 in.
30 lb. 0.280 mm. 0.011 in.
40 lb. 0.320 mm. 0.012 in.
50 lb. 0.360 mm. 0.014 in.
65 lb. 0.410 mm. 0.016 in.
80 lb. 0.430 mm. 0.017 in.




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