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Multifilament - Yo-Zuri - Super Braid (3000yds)

Multifilament - Yo-Zuri - Super Braid (3000yds)

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Yo-Zuri - Super Braid

Formulated for high visibility above the water, and low visibility from below, Yo-Zuri® SuperBraid is ideal for fishing clear water, especially on sunny days. Made of specially coated stranded polyethylene, it's well adapted for use in both fresh- and saltwater. You'll find SuperBraid braided fishing line to be extremely strong and durable, with little to no stretch and outstanding abrasion resistance, yet it handles smoothly regardless of the conditions. 10 to 40 lb. test versions have a 4-strand configuration; 50 to 65 lb. test are 8-strand.

  • Easy to see on top of the water
  • Ideal for clear lakes and saltwater
  • Made of specially coated stranded polyethylene
  • Extremely strength and durability
  • Little to no stretch
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance
  • Easy handling
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