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Multifilament - Varivas - Avani Jigging 10x10 Max Power PE X9

Multifilament - Varivas - Avani Jigging 10x10 Max Power PE X9

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Exceptionally fast sinking provides a linear trajectory that penetrates the water to reach the desired depth.

Introducing the “x9 structure” for exceptional durability.
By adopting the "CORE-INPUT" method, we've achieved a perfect balance of flexibility and enhanced durability. This advanced technique not only minimizes line crush caused by tension and pressure but also ensures a secure and confident battle even with larger fish.

Experience significantly enhanced durability and low water absorption with the SP-T II, surpassing the resilience of conventional SP-T coatings. The substantial improvement in water repellency contributes to elevated performance, ensuring outstanding results.

●Adoption of Vertical Braid manufacturing method
Achieving outstanding straight-line performance and an impressive ultra-low stretch rate of around 3%, lines created by the Vertical Braid manufacturing method revolutionize the fishing experience. Significantly reducing the line's "slack," it enhances fall speed and sensitivity. Moreover, it enables a more direct and responsive feel when jigging.

Color:10m x 10 colors (Marking Line)



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