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Multifilament - Nomad - Panderra x8 (1200yd)
Multifilament - Nomad - Panderra x8 (1200yd)


Multifilament - Nomad - Panderra x8 (1200yd)

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Multifilament - Nomad - Panderra x8 (1200yd)

For anglers fishing the toughest conditions imaginable, only the toughest braid imaginable will do. Nomad Design Panderra Braid is the most abrasion-resistant fishing line you can buy, renowned for its ability to withstand jagged rocks, rough fish skin, and even coral edges. This fine-diameter, high-strength 8-carrier line is made from top-quality Japanese polyethylene fiber using Nomad's exclusive MicroWeave braiding technology, and finished with a special Hydroslick coating that enhances its abrasion resistance while giving it a soft, supple character. Perfect for trolling, casting, or jigging; color changes every 10 meters allow you to easily gauge line out or depth.

  • Most abrasion-resistant braid available
  • Fine-diameter, high-strength 8-carrier line
  • Made from highest-quality Japanese polyethylene fiber
  • Exclusive MicroWeave braiding technology
  • Special Hydroslick coating
  • Soft, supple, and easy to cast
  • Color changes every 10 meters