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Multifilament - YGK - G-Soul Super Jigman X8

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YGK Super Jigman X8 has tightly braided 8 strand body great for casting with spinning reels, as well as for deep sea fishing. It has about 40% more maximum strength compared to standard spectra braided lines in the same diameter. The super quality material is braided by 8 strands, offering the smooth surface. The YGK braiding technology reduces the slightest stretch from the braided line for the maximum sensitivity in deep sea fishing. This line use thick fibers to reduce cost by about 30%, and it still keeps the same strength to Ultra Jigman, upper grade line. The thinner fibers are said to have more durability. 200m/220yds and 300m/330yds spools available. This line is colored by every 10meter (11yds). Pink/Green marking at every 1m (1yd), Made in Japan.

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