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Micro Pike - Decoy - AS-08 Micro Pike

Micro Pike - Decoy - AS-08 Micro Pike

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AS-08 Micro Pike

Product Description

With a light tackle and a lightweight jig, it is a small jigging hook that supports high dimensions for micro jigging aiming at various targets. CF (Cubical Forged) processing is used to increase strength and reduce shortage so that the action of the light jig is not impaired and the prey is caught firmly. It also demonstrates the high potential of Pike as an assist hook for sea bream mules.


● Small but strong, it supports a wide range of fish species with a small silhouette jig.
● CF processing of the square shaft that reduces the shortage and improves the catch rate by increasing the strength of the foot roller that comes into contact with fish and the ground contact area.
● Reinforced flat striking to two curves that apply force further improves shaft strength.
● The barb is set large to prevent burr.
● Uses rust-resistant high corrosion-resistant tin plating and aqua block treatment.


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