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Popper - D-CLAW - Beacon 210 Popper Trippers

Popper - D-CLAW - Beacon 210 Popper Trippers

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D-CLAW Beacon 210 Popper 


Fish Trippers Village x D-CLAW collaboration model, easy to use whether you use slow or quickly. Available in 4 colors

D-CLAW X Fish Village Tripers is a high-end Japanese brand that manufactures wooden and resin lures whose reputation is second to none in the land of the rising sun. The BEACON 210, is a semi-long Popper of 210 mm for 81g made of resin / high buoyancy foam, balanced to perfection.

The Beacon 210 generated very loud "popps". The BEACOM 210 has been specially designed for fishing Bluefin Tuna and Yellowfin Tuna, however, it can be used for other predators.

It can be used with braids from PE6 to PE10.


Type: Pencil Popper

Weight: 81g (+-2.5g)

Handcrafted in Japan 

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