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Light Jigging Rod - Tailwalk - L-JIGGYS SSD

Light Jigging Rod - Tailwalk - L-JIGGYS SSD

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New Standard Series for Light Jigging and Super Light Jigging (SLJ)

Today, it’s not easy to catch good fish because target fish is pressured by many anglers who use the innovated fishing gears. To resolve the impasse, L-JIGGYS SSD rods are equipped with carefully selected components to update the basic functions and this series a wide lineup to fit to the several situations, fish and fields.

And there are both of Tubular models and Full solid models. Tubular models are rods for the standard methods of light jigging. With these rods, you can make sharp actions of jigs by kinds of jerking (One-pitch jerk, Half-pitch jerk, and so on).
On the other hand, Full solid models have a structure called “1 & Half” that is a combination of the long solid section from the tip to belly and the tubular butt section. The soft solid section makes the relatively quiet and slow actions of jigs and absorbs the shock from fish.
All models are light-weighted by removing useless parts. You can surely find your own best rod in this series.

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