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On The Blue

Jointed Swimming Jig - On The Blue - Jigggy 100g

Jointed Swimming Jig - On The Blue - Jigggy 100g

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Jigggy 100g Jointed Swimming Jig by On The Blue

The Jigggy Jig is an innovative jointed swimming jig with an adjustable weight system. Each joint is a weight that you can adjust to suit depth or current.

The body joints give the jig a great swimming action working great from snapper, pearl perch, cod and grouper species as well as coral trout and emperor.

The head of the jig weighs 40g with each body piece weighing 20g.

Type: Jointed Swimming jig

head parts 40g + body parts 20g x 3
assist line No. 8
Biting burr: thick shaft small needle + tinsel
Hanging burr: wide hanging needle

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