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Jigging Hook - Vanfook - Jigen Grippy JH-40

Jigging Hook - Vanfook - Jigen Grippy JH-40

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Jigen Grippy JH-40

Medium heavy wire jigging hook with toughness that can withstand the intense pulling of large blue objects. The long tapered and curved hook tip can instantly penetrate even the hard upper jaw of a fish. After hooking, it has a deep axle shape and a round shaft design that suppresses the expansion of the hook hole, and it is also very difficult to bounce. A type with a tube (lightweight small eye) that makes it easy to create an assist hook.

Ringed eye jigging hook with new concept for targeting large Blue fish up to middle sized Tuna.
Jigen Grippy can endure against the strong pulling power by large target.
Able to pierce smoothly even into the hard bone of the fish by its ultra-sharp and curved -in long hooking point.
Further, it can hold firmly by the wide bend and the pinhole is hard to spread due to the shank is round.

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