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Jigging Rod - Tailwalk - JIGFORCE SSD

Jigging Rod - Tailwalk - JIGFORCE SSD

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Inheritance Of Versatile Jigging Rod

Here is a jigging rod that you will be proud to own; you will be able to control lures and make actions as you like with your own style. No more holding the rod intensely to deliver the lure, you’ll now enjoy the sense of a positive, moderate tension on each section that will give you perfect lure movements with this model. Superb blanks will deliver a light control on the lure. This awesome rod is considered as a standard model, yet it is extraordinarily detailed and built to exact durability when catching even unexpected large fish and features practicality plus sleek design. JIGFORCE SSD is meticulously crafted to give you our SSD series‘s concept; Easy/High Spec/Result Oriented, at your hand.


 model             length           pcs                jig rating     drag rating

S602 2pcs MAX130g MAX4kg

S603 2pcs MAX170g MAX5kg

S604 2pcs MAX210g MAX6kg

C602 2pcs MAX150g MAX4kg

C603 2pcs MAX200g MAX5kg

C604 2pcs

MAX240g MAX6kg


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