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Jigging Hook - Gamakatsu - Jigging hook Kamaitachi

Jigging Hook - Gamakatsu - Jigging hook Kamaitachi

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Jigging Hook Kamaitachi

"Ultra-short axis form" specializing in "slow pitch jigging" Completely capture inshore root fish and greenery!

It is a jigging hook with an ultra-short axis wide gap that can be hung with a fall bite. The "lightweight thin shaft" design made possible by the high toughness material "TGW" does not impair the delicate and natural slow pitch action. Barbless that does not widen the wound with high penetration and a weak point press that leaves a round shaft on the bend heel pursues zero shortage to the utmost limit. In addition, since it is an ultra-short axis, the hooks do not easily interfere with each other, and hooks can be set easily before and after the short jig. It can be widely used for root fish such as scorpion fish and groupers in the nearby sea and hairtail jigging.
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