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Jigging Hook - Vanfook - JIGEN HYPER Value Pack JH-30 (VP)

Jigging Hook - Vanfook - JIGEN HYPER Value Pack JH-30 (VP)

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The Voluminous Package with JIGEN HYPER

Volume pack for heavy users who create a lot of assist hooks by their own works.

JIGEN HYPER, the very best model in jigging hook with the presentation for larger hook sizes than JIGEN with flatted end type.

Specialized to have marvelous hooking performance that designed to be long tapered and long shank, also, selected light weighted carbon materials with hardness.

Able to hook up the bites upon the touch even like fish clinging when the jig falling.

Tin silver plating has given on the surface to realize high anti-rust performance.

We have variety of assist hooks by using this JIGEN HYPER. You can find them such as for targeting large bluefish by long jig, specialized for targeting particular species or fishing method.


Size Color Qty / Pack JAN code
#4/0 Silver 46 4949146041156
#5/0 Silver 35 4949146041163
#6/0 Silver 30 4949146041170
#7/0 Silver 25 4949146041187

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