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Jig - Smith LTD. - Wobblin S - The Fishermans Hut
Jig - Smith LTD. - Wobblin S - The Fishermans Hut
Jig - Smith LTD. - Wobblin S - The Fishermans Hut
Jig - Smith LTD. - Wobblin S - The Fishermans Hut
Jig - Smith LTD. - Wobblin S - The Fishermans Hut
Jig - Smith LTD. - Wobblin S - The Fishermans Hut


Jig - Smith LTD. - Wobblin S

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Invite a fish with the vibration of a minnow-like wobbling action

Supervised by Mr. Go Nakamura. The operation method is extremely easy, and you can swim with a wobbling action like a minnow due to its unique shape just by rolling slowly.

Of course, even a normal slow one pitch, slow pitch, long fall, etc. slides horizontally in a short direction, and the wobbling wave that occurs during the initial movement amplifies the appealing power, attracting various fish species such as root fish, blue fish, sea bass, red sea bream etc. This is a new concept metal jig that finds new possibilities unlike any other.


The greatest feature of WOBBLIN is its minnow-like wobbling action. It wobbling violently when the speed matches, pulling diagonally from the side or receiving the tide from the side. A simple winding with a slow linear start, the swimming jerk I advocate is an example of an effective jerk from WOBBLIN.
It doesn't choose jigs when it's fast and when it's easy to prey on a lot of baits. Even if you start slowly straight, if you wobble without wobbling without sticking action, red sea bream holding the bait on the bottom and preying on seabass that eats up in an area full of baits, only reacts on a straight track It should be an extremely strong jig for hairfish and root fish with a short reaction area.
Furthermore, even in areas where the bait is thin, the vibrations are attractive not only for the bait fixed in the narrow area at the bottom but also for the blue fish that prey on moving food as food.
Even if you throw it with a Dotera sink or spinning tackle and pull it diagonally, or if the line is thick and the line slug becomes large, the jig itself has a good action property, so you can use it wider. Of course, you can invite reaction bites even if you interlock the curve fall with stop & go.


However, there are many scenes in which jigging is inevitably vertical, and swimming jerk alone cannot handle this. In addition, we wanted to make it a jig only when we could perform a very attractive action even in the combination of swimming jerk and other jerks, and in the fall, we made improvements and improvements to the current shape. As a result, even a normal slow one-pitch, slow-pitch, and long-fall slides horizontally in a short direction. Since subtle wobbling is also activated at the beginning of action from the timing of turning sideways and at the moment of turning sideways from the vertical, it is uncountable that even vertical hits hit rates that other jigs do not have until now. .. Also, if you give a slug like throwing a line from a long jerk, a general jig starts to sink while drawing an S shape, but Woblin [WOBBLIN] keeps the sideways while backslide action in one direction. To start. It turned out that there was an amazing hit rate at this timing. Please enjoy the pleasure of hitting by hitting the line where the thrown line stops.


Various possibilities are unknown jigs. It is a jig that you want to try various jerks in various situations.
Thank you for your continued patronage of WOBBLIN.

TKC: Go Nakamura

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