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Jig - Shout - Strobe

Jig - Shout - Strobe

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Discard all the concepts of high speed winding and high power jigging!
Make full use of slow pitch and long fall jerk and bring a slender target to the bite.
Use two irregular fall actions, "Flash" and "Strobe", to play against!

Don't just force slow jigging. Only by performing the jerk that shows the potential of the center balance jig, you can bring out the lively action. That is a slow pitch jerk. With the jerk with the load applied to the rod butt, the jig is operated only by the repulsive force of the rod. What kind of posture does the angler operating the rod ask the jig for the action to be performed on the jerk vector line? To do this, you must be concerned with the ultimate rod taper, reel torque, and the amount of winding per handle rotation.

 When you manipulate the two flashes of blinking light in the deep water as you wish in the water, you will be able to see all the biological reactions of the target, not just the feeding instinct.

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