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Jig - Shout - Stay

Jig - Shout - Stay

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Jig - Shout - Stay

The horizontal posture that triggers as if suspended, creates an exquisite bite chance. This asymmetry is not for spiral dart!
The key is the straight running stability of the delta form.

Front weight jig specially designed for assists * "Shout - Stay" The Delta form, which is straight forward and has a stable shape, is focused on actions that were impossible with the rear center of gravity jig. Triple edge realizes dart performance riding on the tide of "slide actor".
The horizontal posture in the pose as if suspended, gives the target an exquisite “eating time”. (* Center weight for models over 130g)

Technical jigs for jigging experts!

The conventional rear weight jig has its limitations.
There was a danger of tailing.
In recent years when assist-only jigging is at its peak, jigs that can arrange actions more freely and more freely are required depending on the skill of anglers.
The “stay” response to the jerk always comes from the front.
Try every action, from slow to fast, from tension jerk on rod pat to Hirado jerk with line slug.
The horizontal posture after dirt and the fall action are also various, such as rolling fall.
I want you to feel this jig.
"I ate it!"

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