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Jig - Hot's - R2 Jig

Jig - Hot's - R2 Jig

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Hot's R2 Jig


"R2 JIG" is a metal jig produced by "Riichiro Hiasa" of Angler's Shop Rising.

[R2 JIG] - which is produced by Mr.Riichiro Hiasa, who is the shop master of "Anglers Shop RISING",

The R2 series is a metal jig developed by repeating tests in Ise Bay and the Sea of ​​Japan in various parts of the Hokuriku region, which is the specialty of Riichiro Hiasa.
"R2 Jig" is a compact design with a sharp wing edge. Drainage is good, and micro-wave wobbling enables long-term appeal even in slow pitches and long falls. It is especially effective for targets with low activity, and it is effective in aiming for hairtail, red sea bream, and root fish, mainly blue fish.
Asymmetrical center balance jig. The shape that combines a gentle curved surface and a sharp surface responds quickly without missing a slight transmission from the rod.

KH. = Kinshi hologram
AH. = Aurora hologram
MH. = Magma hologram


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