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Jig Head - Decoy - SV-34 SGHead - adaptable

Jig Head - Decoy - SV-34 SGHead - adaptable

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A jig head that adapts to various salt games. The main concept is "S Receivers capture". Perfectly compatible with soft stick baits, etc. to capture seabass that have a hard lure such as minnows and tail spin jigs. Suitable for all methods from steady retrieve to shake retrieve, lift & fall. Of course, even in the target, it shows its exceptional adaptability to various fish species such as hairfish, flat fish, blue fish etc. In addition, a support hook such as a treble hook can be set on the assist eye provided at the bottom of the jig head.

# 1 3.5g   Five
5g   Five
# 1/0 5g   Five
7 g   Five
# 2/0 3.5g   Four
5g   Four
7 g   Four
9 g   Four
# 3/0 5g   3
7 g   3
11g   3
14 g   2
18 g   2
# 4/0 18 g   2
21 g   2

Made in Japan

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