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Jig - Hayabusa - Jack Eye Groggy (NEW!)

Jig - Hayabusa - Jack Eye Groggy (NEW!)

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Jack Eye Groggy

Flying fluttering slow jig "Jack Eye Groggy".Long cast performance X slow. Aim at the bottom range at low activityProduces a weakened bait in all movements when it is made to act, when it falls, and when it is just wound.In addition to the compact body with excellent long-distance casting performance, the fall action that seems to be a slow jig with leaves falling down attracts a wide range of root fish and red sea bream as well as blue fish.In addition, with a hook setting that does not easily take root even in areas with rough roots, there are a wide range of places where you can play an active role such as rocky shores and gorota surf, and you can capture each situation.A compact body with low air resistance and a slow jig with an unprecedented flight distance.The left and right flushing is produced differently, and the target is switched on in a reaction manner by the momentary visual change.Equipped as standard with an assist with artificial bait that matches the color of the jig. You can eat the hook without any discomfort while increasing the appeal.


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