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Garage Nagi

Jig - Garage Nagi - Drepper

Jig - Garage Nagi - Drepper

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Garage Nagi's DREPPER

"Freely control stillness and movement to invite a part-time job"


Short slide, long slide, pitching action,


The characteristic grooved head shape bites the water firmly and turns sideways even with a light jerk to produce a fall action. If you bring it into the fall with the front and back balanced, it may look plain at first glance, but it invites a bite with an action that does not warn the fish. A long slide is also possible by creating a firm line slack immediately from a strong jerk. In addition, by moving the center of gravity slightly forward, even in lift and fall, it will turn sideways from the back slide and fall action. As for the fall action, the shape of the head side works like the keel of a ship and suppresses the roll, so it falls by pitching (see action diagram below).


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