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Jig - Current - HANDMADE METAL JIG ZEEK 220g - 400g

Jig - Current - HANDMADE METAL JIG ZEEK 220g - 400g

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The ZEEK is a Slow Pitch Jig. Each jig has been individually hand painted and finished to perfection by skilled craftsman in Japan. Fantastic looking vibrant colors with a hard wearing smooth finish. Some of the best Slow Pitch jigs available.

As with ZEEK, the front eye is vertical, and the front part of the main body has an irregular hexametrical specification to reduce pulling resistance and improve straight-line mobility. By using a keel shape from the bottom front to the back, the jig body is suppressed from horizontal shake, the horizontal posture is stabilized, and the jig can be turned sideways with lighter force. In addition, the adoption of an S-shaped body creates a natural backslide and appeal to fish.

Made in Japan


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