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Minnow - Megabass - X-80 MAGNUM+1

Minnow - Megabass - X-80 MAGNUM+1

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X-80 MAGNUM +1

    The X-80 MAGNUM+1 is an unchanging "classic" that continues to dominate the world's salt scene, the X-80 series X-80 MAGNUM was developed to capture the midrange of around 3m. It pursues "bait-like movement" to the limit, leaving behind the common sense action of salt minnow, and generates a new edgy "stimulation wave".

    By approaching from steep surf, breakwaters with high footing, rocks, boats, etc., sea bass and blue-runners cruising deep in search of bait are approached with a natural impact that surpasses live bait, and an overwhelming feeding mode. and drive.

    The diving building, which was born from an aeroform in consideration of the frontal projection area, dramatically reduces air resistance during casting. In addition, the low center of gravity, ultra-high specific gravity, and small diameter tungsten balancer are "triple center of gravity movement" to achieve overwhelming long castability and high response action that overturn the common sense of slim minnows.

    The X-80 MAGNUM+1 will open up a new frontier for salt minnows.

    Tungsten Triple Weight Oscillation System

    When casting, the impact of "specific gravity x inertia" created by three ultra-high specific gravity and small diameter tungsten balancers realizes overwhelming long castability. Bring the "real body" that you can catch to the target's nose.


    *The image is a prototype.



    Type: Sinking
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