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Hooks - Decoy - Worm 23 Body Hook

Hooks - Decoy - Worm 23 Body Hook

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Decoy Body Hook Worm 23


Easy to be caught, easy to get caught, misalignment of worms, worried about cuts, etc. ... We have cleared the crying points of these masbari style hooks one by one, and further pursued hooks that are easy to use for anyone and are difficult to get caught, corresponding to various styles that are becoming increasingly subdivided.
Even with light force, it is surely pierced deeply, and its form with less barre is a conclusion drawn after repeated tests, mainly on reservoirs in the Kanto area, which are more high-pressure. A rich size lineup of #10~#1/0 that supports a wide range of worms, from 1-inch micro-worms used in ultra-severe situations to long straight worms.

――Surely hang even under tougher situations, pursuing a form that eliminates barre to the utmost.
-[LOCK ZONE] with the bent curve part that holds the worm as a square axis is adopted. Keeps worms from cutting out.
-Straight & up point boasting quick hook touch and reliable penetration performance.
-A rich size lineup for all light rigs from spinning use to bait finesse method.



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