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Hook - Fish Arrow - J-Head
Hook - Fish Arrow - J-Head

Fish Arrow

Hook - Fish Arrow - J-Head

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FISH ARROW Weedless Tungsten Jig Head J-HEAD


Product Description


A tried-and-true technique for finicky fish, the Fish Arrow J Head presents smaller plastics with a subtle quivering action that light-feeding fish crave. The bite-sized Fish Arrow J Head comes equipped with a V-shaped fiber weedguard, which allows it to move through cover without getting hung up. Also, the weedguard is designed to collapse around the hook on hook sets, so the point can penetrate cleanly and without any inhibition.To keep soft plastics firmly in place, the Fish Arrow J Head features a rubber cone baitkeeper along the shank. Armed with a razor-sharp hook, the Fish Arrow J Head is the ideal finesse presentation for heavily pressured and spooked fish.

With the FA Flash J lure you can made an irresistible combination!

Designed by Takeshi Matsumoto.

Package content 5 pcs.

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