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Hook - Decoy - Worm 26 Magnum


Hook - Decoy - Worm 26 Magnum

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Decoy KG Monster Offset Magnum Hook Worm26

Product description

The potential of "Kirohook" is kept as it is and finished in Magnum size. Pursuing eye, crank, and gap form to deal with magnum-class baits that transcend common sense. Due to its size, the eye part has a wide eye specification that can handle various snaps as well as heavy lines, considering the use for the main swimming bait, and a crank design that can hold the worm's own weight. Not only for buses but also for salt games on a global scale. "Kilohook Magnum Worm 26" is a mass-produced model "world's largest" offset hook with magnum-class potential.

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