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Freshwater Hook - Vanfook - PLB-59F Plugging Single Heavy Wire

Freshwater Hook - Vanfook - PLB-59F Plugging Single Heavy Wire

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High-Power Single for All-round Use

High-power single hook with splendid Anti-Rust performance that can be used in variety of fields such as from trout native in stream to saltwater games under salty circumstances by means of special PTFE coating has given on the surface.

It can match with variety of plugs due to it has wide presentation from size #8 to #4/0 and they are adjusted to best form by each size.

Also, hook weight has adjusted by each size to realize the best weight balance for compatibility reasons with treble hook, thus it is hard to lose balance if you would exchange it from treble.



Size Color Qty / Pack JAN code
#8 Fusso Black (PTFE) 18 4949146039108
#6 Fusso Black (PTFE) 18 4949146039115
#4 Fusso Black (PTFE) 16 4949146039122
#2 Fusso Black (PTFE) 16 4949146039139
#1 Fusso Black (PTFE) 14 4949146039146
#1/0 Fusso Black (PTFE) 12 4949146039153
#2/0 Fusso Black (PTFE) 10 4949146039160
#3/0 Fusso Black (PTFE) 8 4949146039177
#4/0 Fusso Black (PTFE) 8 4949146039184

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