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Freshwater Hook - Vanfook - DT-35F Stream Treble Medium

Freshwater Hook - Vanfook - DT-35F Stream Treble Medium

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Vanfook RT-DT-35F Stream Treble Medium

Outstanding Basic Performance in a Value Pack!

VANFOOK’s classic treble “DT-35B” has been refined for the modern age as we released this DT-35F.
The materials and manufacturing process have been reexamined in pursuit of the performance required of treble hooks for trout fishing in streams.

The round bend form of the hook, which has no peculiarities, was deliberately unbalanced at the center because it is likely to be used in the fields where there is a current.
We have adjusted the hook so that the hook moves away from the lure to increase the hooking rate.
The hook is coated with splendid PTFE plating that is extremely resistant to rust. Even when the hook is wet from standing, it will not rust and can be used with reliable.

A value pack of 20 hooks has been created for lures that are easily dulled and frequently changed.
This makes it easy to replace the hooks frequently and keep them in top condition.

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