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Freshwater Hook - Vanfook - DRB-66F Drifthook Plug Heavy

Freshwater Hook - Vanfook - DRB-66F Drifthook Plug Heavy

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To Catch Large Trout in the Stream

Single Hook with Flatted-end as the Tough Model for Pluging with High Anti-Rust Coating

  • Endures against wild bites and rolling actions due to heavy wire.
  • Splended high Anti-Rust coating with PTFE is given on the surface for excellent hooking performance.
  • Short shanked and wide gaped forming prevents from entangling with lures.
  • Able to use in any circumstance even in saltwater game due to long term corrosion & Anti-Rust properties with PTFE.



Size Color Qty / Pack JAN code
#6 Fusso Black (PTFE) 20 4949146038514
#4 Fusso Black (PTFE) 18 4949146038521
#2 Fusso Black (PTFE) 16 4949146038538
#1 Fusso Black (PTFE) 14 4949146038545
#1/0 Fusso Black (PTFE) 12 4949146038552
#2/0 Fusso Black (PTFE) 12 4949146038569
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