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Freshwater Hook - Vanfook - DRB-46F Drifthook Fine Materials

Freshwater Hook - Vanfook - DRB-46F Drifthook Fine Materials

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DRB-46F Drifthook Fine Materials

Single for Creating Loop Eye Assist to Enjoy Minnowing in Streams

Loop-eye minnow hooks have often been made by diverting bait fishing hooks generally.
This hook is specially designed to allow anglers to create their own loop-eye hooks to their own specifications.
By selecting a wire material that does not dull the hooking point, the hooking point is designed to remain sharpness even after use.

DRB-46F is a hooking-oriented single hook designed for playing with many mountain stream fish in small rivers such as headwaters.
The shank length is adjusted so that the hook point is far away from the lure so that it can be hung outside the mouth.
We recommend to create a very small-diameter loop eye, since a larger loop eye will make it easier to tangle.

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