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Floating Minnow - Ima - Sasuke SF-75

Floating Minnow - Ima - Sasuke SF-75

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Ima - Sasuke SF-75

■ Attraction in a small place such as a small canal, bridge pier in a port, etc.!
■ Pleasant pull-down that is lightweight!
■ Recommended for the spring micro bait pattern!

The Ima - Sasuke SF-75 which inherited the gene of sasuke SF-95 to the popular Sasuke series appeared. Items specialized in small places such as canal of small canals, bridge piers shooting in harbors. It is about half a mouth, not a bite, and very cautious seabass is also unexpectedly paculi! seabass that does not respond with 90mm class minnow, It is the best one for spring micro bait pattern!


sasuke SF-75

  • [Length]75mm


  • [Weight]6g
  • [Type]floating
  • [Range]30〜80cm
  • [Action]Wobbn'Roll
  • [Hook]#10
  • [Ring]#2
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