Fish Spike - Lumica - Ikijime Shank A Long

Fish Spike - Lumica - Ikijime Shank A Long

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Fish Spike - Lumica - Ikijime Shank A Long

his is the tool to paralyze fish body to keep fresh meet longer, to prevent fish meat getting hard. You pick the needle with hole to the head of games and then insert the long wire into the needle toward center of spine, and spinal cord will be destroyed and fish will not move any more. Wire length 2.6ft


Before paralyze fish, please cut gill to drain blood. Blood will not get out after body is paralyzed.

Please pick the needle at the middle of eyes a bit above at the 30 degree above from level, and fish body will cramp and it is the spot. Then please insert wire to the tail and body will cramp and stop moving.
Please put the fish into ice-water and meat will be kept fresh.

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