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Feather Jig - Vanfook - LL-11 〜 LL-16 Leather Leech 1.2gr

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Vanfook LL-11 〜 LL-16 Leather Leech 1.2gr

Attract Trout with Delicate Leather Movement

The Leather Leach is a jig for the area with the delicate luring motion of leather.

It is easy to use! Just retrieve it in slowly and gently!
The tingling, small and quiet movement of the leather attracts trout with slow retrieving.

Another key point is that the rubber is tied to match the leather.
The rubber will naturally lure the trout in to match the leather.

If you feel any discomfort, do not hitch it too big, but retrieve in a little faster to get a accurate hooking around the mouth.

 LL-11BL: White, LL-12BL: Red, LL-13BL: Pink, LL-14BL: Black, LL-15BL: Green, LL-16BL: Brown


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