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Feather Jig - Vanfook - LC-21 〜 LC-26 Leech 1.8gr


Feather Jig - Vanfook - LC-21 〜 LC-26 Leech 1.8gr

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Vanfook LC-21 〜 LC-26 Leech 1.8gr

Feather jig with a Weight that is Easy to Cast Even for Beginners

The 1.8gr Leech is a feather jig with a weight that is easy to cast even for beginners and children.
It is easy to cast regardless of the tackle and can be cast with the weight firmly on the rod.

Easy to use! Just retrieve it in slowly and slowly!
The strong appeal of the natural abalone and the natural attractiveness of the feather will make trout bite.

We recommend not only retrieving it in, but also falling and retrieving it up repeatedly!
When you feel a strange sensation, don’t adjust it too much, but reel it in a little faster to hook it firmly around the mouth.

LC-21BL: White, LC-22BL: Olive/Pink, LC-23BL: Orange, LC-24BL: Olive/Yellow, LC-25BL: Black/Olive, LC-26BL: Olive/Brown


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