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Eletric Reel - Daiwa - SEABORG 400J ELECTRIC REEL

Eletric Reel - Daiwa - SEABORG 400J ELECTRIC REEL

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I want to be able to fish hand-held as comfortably as with the 300 size, but I want to be able to wind a large amount of line. However, I want power and speed. SEABORG400J embodies these voices.
The amount of winding thread is PE No. 4 400m and No. 5 300m. Achieved the amount of winding thread that was insufficient until now with SEABORG300J. The weight is 585g, which is 240g lighter than the SEABORG500JP. In other words, you can now fish as if you were fishing with a 300 size fish, which you used to do with a 500 size fish. This SEABORG 400J can handle not only spears and dried squid, but also red sea bream, green fish, mid-deep sea, and dropping.
In terms of technology, it is equipped with a JOG power lever that can be comfortably operated with one hand, a MAGMAX motor that combines torque and instantaneous power, an ATD that continues to work smoothly, waterproof and durable technology MAGSEALED ball bearings, and Daiwa technology. It is also equipped with a highly visible dot LCD and a fall brake dial that is essential for adjusting the falling speed, and is also compatible with electric mobile settings. SEABORG400J supports comfortable fishing.

<Lightweight and compact>
1. Realized weight reduction of 585g
 *SEABORG500JP: 825g (240g reduction)
2. Small compact body
 *Low pro/narrow form & screwless body

<High power> 1.
Torque and instantaneous power comparable to 500 size Compatible with both "MAGMAX motor"
 *JAFS standard hoisting force 14kg
2. "ATD" that continues to work smoothly
 *Maximum drag force 16kg

<Comfortable operation>
*400 size is available with left-hand drive.
1. "Aluminum JOG power lever" allows delicate operation even with wet fingers
2. "Mag shield ball bearing" with waterproof and durable technology
3. Motor ON/OFF linked clutch
 *Clutch ON ⇒ Electric winding / Clutch OFF ⇒ Motor stop
4. "Fall brake dial" that instantly sets the falling speed
5. "Dot LCD counter" with excellent visibility
6. ATD that continues to work smoothly

<Electric mobile setting>
1. Thread input *Simple thread length input (P1)
2 .Maintenance * Actual fishing history/line input history/SLP maintenance history
3. Function settings * Various function settings
4. Registered name * Name entry
■Aluminum JOG Power Lever
Since it is made of aluminum, it has excellent grip performance, making winding operations more comfortable even with wet fingers. In addition, the JOG power lever allows for intuitive wake and speed control.
■Mag shield ball bearing
Adopted on the side plate side spool shaft axis, which is difficult to maintain and is most susceptible to tide damage. Maintains the initial performance of spool-free/winding efficiency.
■MAGMAX motor
Adopts a special neodymium magnet and has excellent instantaneous force due to its responsive brush motor, allowing anglers to control the winding operation. Also, since it has torque, you can easily wind it slowly. *FF magmite structure
■ATD [Automatic Drag System]
A new generation drag system that operates smoothly according to the pull of the fish and continues to work smoothly. For small spinning and electric reels, we pursue start-up and followability. For large spinning such as Saltiga, this setting suppresses the drop in drag force during the fight. Both were developed with the goal of allowing you to concentrate on fighting without worrying about drag settings.
■MAGMIGHT structure [Magmite structure]
A structure that fully utilizes the limited space inside the electric reel to maximize the power of the motor. Achieves high power and high speed in a small space. It also improves the cooling effect of the motor, contributing to further increases in motor drive efficiency.
■FF structure [FF structure]
A front motor structure that designs the reel with a low profile by placing the motor, which can be called the engine of an electric reel, in front of the spool, making it easier to hold and use the reel. In addition, a level wind was placed between the motor and spool, allowing for a more compact design.
A mechanism in which the left and right reciprocating movement of the level wind (line guide) is linked according to the rotation of the spool both when the device falls and when it is wound up. It maintains a beautiful thread winding condition and allows the device to fall smoothly. Also, pulling out the drag is smooth.
By moving the position of the power lever to the center of the body and changing its shape from a lever to a jog dial style, you can wind up the rod and turn the clutch on and off with one thumb of the hand holding the rod. The hands are completely freed from operating levers. When you grip the rod, your thumb naturally rests on the top of the body, so it's ergonomically reasonable. The ``Jog Power Lever'' allows for flexible operation with a single thumb.
■MAGSEALED_BALL_BEARING [Mag Shield Ball Bearing]
DAIWA's only one technology "Mag Shield" has evolved even further. By suppressing the intrusion of water and foreign matter into the ball bearing, rust, salt stains, and abnormal noise are largely eliminated while maintaining the original performance. We succeeded in dramatically increasing waterproofness and durability. In electric reels, it is used on the spool shaft axis on the side plate side, which is most prone to salt build-up and difficult to maintain. The initial performance is maintained by realizing further waterproofness and durability.
Other functions/specification details
■One-hand comfortable operation JOG system
  • Clutch OFF
    (device introduced)
  • Clutch ON
  • JOG winding
    (shelf removal/invitation/awase/recovery)
■Fall Brake Dial
A brake system that allows you to instantly set the fall speed. You can control from spool free to brake max in a 180 degree range with just one thumb. Not only does it prevent backlash, but it also allows you to catch the bait by dropping it into the bait without having to thumb it with your fingers, and catch the strike of a falling fish.
■Dot LCD counter
  • Announcements on the menu screen are clear and various settings do not require a manual
    *Menu screen: Press PICK UP and MEMO at the same time for 2 seconds
  • Large letters that are resistant to backlight and have excellent visibility and are easy to see in the field
    *Can be clearly seen even when using polarized glasses. Improved visibility than conventional LCD
  • Do not hoist electrically below the water depth of 00 ⇒ Eliminate concerns about getting caught.
  • When the power is turned on, D Beck is displayed, and when you select the language (first time only), you will be taken to the water depth screen.
■Motor ON/OFF interlocking clutch
JOG power lever When hoisting,
1) Clutch ON ⇒ Electric winding
2) Clutch OFF ⇒ Motor OFF
1) Winding starts with good response at the speed set when clutch is ON
2) Motor stops during fall This makes it easy to catch fish bites.
[Points to note]
*By strengthening the clutch, ON/OFF operation is also possible at maximum winding.
*Moveable at counter depth of 9m or deeper.
*Automatic thread feed mechanism does not operate (automatic thread feed setting is there is no)
■Depth alarm
*Notify you with an alarm sound every 10m when falling (FL) / when hoisting (UP)

*3 types of patterns can be selected for each
- FL/UP1: Alarm once every 10m
- FL/UP3: Once for 10m, twice for 20m, 30m repeat 3 times
FL/UP5: 10m 1 time,....50m 5 times repeat
・OFF setting also possible
■Electronic drag sound
Plays a light drag sound when the drag is pulled out
*You can select the sound from 3 types.
Level wind compatible with PE5/Shock Rider No.30
IC counter menu
menu operation
Path input P1 / P2 / P3
*P3: 60 drawers (30m+30m)
sub counter No display / Counter from the bottom / Winding speed display / Remaining winding time display
ship belli stop 1m~5m range
Choimaki / Shakuri Chopped / Chopped / Shakuri / OFF
timer winding OFF~99min
alarm sound ON/OFF
drag sound Pattern 1 / Pattern 2 / Pattern 3 / OFF
depth alarm ON/OFF
Constant speed winding ON/OFF
Fukase mode ON / OFF
*Fukase clutch not included
Water depth correction Water depth counter correction
Actual fishing history Usage distance / time
Language Japanese / English / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Korean
unit m/ft
electric mobile setting
DAIWA app , a communication tool linked to a smartphone that allows you to use electric motors more comfortably

⇔ Transmission/reception application service linked to Seaborg 400J
* Equipped with 4 convenient functions (thread input/maintenance/function settings/registered name setting)  
Click here for details  
*With electric mobile setting Number of line numbers and lengths that can be input:
 No. 3 - 500 m
 No. 4 - 400 m
 No. 5 - 300 m
 No. 6 - 230 m
 The electric mobile setting can only be used to input the thread length.
 Please enter the withdrawal input and lower winding input from the electric reel body as usual.
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