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Sinking Minnow - Megabass - X-80 SW

Sinking Minnow - Megabass - X-80 SW

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Megabass X-80 SW

At Megabass, the X-80 platform was left as it was, and the internal construction was changed to a saltwater-only minnow. In order to avoid brand engineering by simply using a bass lure body, we refined the characteristics as a minnow for exclusive use with all species  and the outstanding rolling action and detachment created by the unique humpback form of the X-80 body Orbital action has been introduced into the sea world. The X-80 salt water version has been repeatedly tested on the Tokyo metropolitan bay area and Osaka Bay, setting the "body front: low center of gravity and high specific gravity weight, the body rear when moving the center of gravity: tungsten weight" A super long-distance cast with a phenomenal headwind that is unlikely to be considered a super slim body of just 80mm. In addition, the weight setting is a "slow sinking" setting for clearing the effective range of the seabass in the feeding time, which does not float too much, sinks too much, and long traces, which is different from a simple sinking plug. Once you use this weight setting effect, you will be able to experience it as a reliable fishing result.

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