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Minnow - Megabass - Vision ONETEN +1

Minnow - Megabass - Vision ONETEN +1

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Mega Bass -Vision ONETEN +1

Main Specification

Length 110.5mm
Weight 1 / 2oz.
Type Suspend
Other Hook: # 6 + # 6 (Barbless hook) + # 6

VISION ONETEN + 1 is a Long bill Jerkbait that was developed for a mid-range capture 1.8m deeper than the original Oneten. In general, long bill minnows are said to have a high resistance to water flow to the lip, making wide dirt action difficult. Plus One has a specially shaped diving building set on the center axis of the body. The water flow received by the lip is efficiently flushed to the head of the body, realizing a sharp and sharp dirt action with long grip. The vivid flashing flash emitted from the edgy flat-shaped body gives a deep mid-range effect. Short trip jerkbaits are too shallow, spoonbills and crankbaits too deep. In such a midrange, Plus One can develop aggressive and powerful games by jerking. In addition, the specially designed diving building dramatically reduces air resistance during casting. The synergistic effect with the system of moving the center of gravity using the dual tungsten weights arranged in series has achieved excellent flight distance even in rough conditions.

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